FL Studio On iPad

Fruity Loops FL Studio For iPad

Finally FL Studio (Fruity Loops) on an Apple!

FL Studio mobile will allow you to create complete multi-track projects on your iPod, iPhone or iPad and, if you want, load mobile projects into FL Studio and take them to the next level.

If it’s a beat on the Stepsequencer, a melody on the Piano roll or a full song on the Playlist, FL Studio mobile has you covered. Never lose that idea again. Get it down and happening wherever you are.

The Instruments

FL Studio Mobile comes with a wide range of studio recorded instruments covering all musical styles like classic, jazz, rock, electronic and much more.

Drum Kits
Slicex Loops

The Keyboard / Drum Pads

FL Studio Mobile offers the most innovative keyboard:

85-key clavier, 5 simultaneous touches (10 on iPad)
Instant key resizing and scrolling with gestures
Assign 2 different instruments to the 2 keyboard rows
3 key label modes
Fullscreen support
Two device orientations
1-tap recording with undo function
Loop recording
Fully configurable metronome

The Mixer:

The mixer mode presents you with an overview of your project and allows you to quickly edit whole tracks.

Set the signature and tempo of your song
Add, duplicate and delete tracks
Change the track’s instruments
Volume fader
Pan knob
Effect bus setting
Mute and solo

The Step Sequencer:

Bar-wise editing in the sequencer speeds up the process significantly: record just one measure of a beat or a melody, then simply repeat it a few times to build up your song.

Quickly select parts of you song with the 2 select modes
Move, duplicate, repeat a selection of measures
Duplicate patterns and move them to other tracks
Transpose selected notes
Quantize tracks or selected parts
Insert empty bars anywhere in the song

The Piano roll editor:

Editing individual notes with your fingers is faster, easier and more fun than using a mouse.

Draw (write) notes by moving a crosshair
Select notes by simply dragging a rectangle
Move, duplicate and quantize notes
Change the length of multiple notes at once
Set the selected note’s velocity (volume)

Real-Time Effects

Augment your song by adding and tweaking the rich repertory of real-time effects:

Reverb simulates different rooms and halls
Feedback delay (echo)
3-band Equalizer
Resonant filter (optional accelerometer control)
Amplifier with 2 overdrive types
Pitch bend (controlled via the device tilt)


Connection between FL Studio Mobile and FL Studio

MIDI compatibiliy and wav export smoothen your workflow.

Export your song and continue editing it
on your DAW
MIDI import and export
Export to 44kHz 16bit stereo wav format
WiFi transfer to your Mac/PC
iTunes file sharing support
Application wide undo function
Autosave always lets you continue
where you left off


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